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Our small dynamic team consists of enthusiastic professionals with open minds and plenty of practical experience in protected area management, wildlife conservation, planning, evaluation and related fields. We have extensive contacts as well as core team, and we can source professional help for any challenge. See individual pages for more details.

Andrea Leverington and Fiona Leverington are the Directors of Protected Area Solutions.

Our closest associates over the past few years have included Melitta Marr (planning and interpretation), Prof Marc Hockings (Managament effectiveness, the IUCN Green List, and protected area management in general), Ass. Prof Ann Peterson and Gregory Peterson (policy and management effectiveness of Papua New Guinea), and Dr Lauren Coad (management effectiveness and protected area science). These are all nice people as well as highly effective professionals, and we have greatly enjoyed working with them.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein
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