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The purpose of our partnership is to help strengthen and equip those involved with protected area management, so they can enjoy their work with a greater sense of confidence and with better tools and resources. With a diverse team of experts on call, we can offer innovative solutions to any challenge related to planning, management and evaluation of protected areas. Protection of bio-cultural diversity also needs solutions stretching well beyond the park boundaries, and we have experience in assessing threats and developing solutions for broader conservation issues. Some of our expertise includes:

Protected area strategies: We can provide strategic advice and planning for protected area systems using the full range of IUCN categories. We have worked with organisational structures, visions and goals, direction-setting and action planning.

Reserve planning: Our team has practical experience in analysing and designing representative reserve systems. We can source spatial analysis expertise to apply the latest reserve planning software, or work with your staff to plan a comprehensive reserve system, and can also help you make the best use of IUCN categories for a balanced outcome.

Conservation strategies and corridor design: On a broader scale, conservation planning includes developing links across the whole landscape. Our team has experience in designing wildlife corridors as part of sustainable landscapes and in developing strategies for conservation on private lands.

Management planning: Protected Area Solutions has extensive  management planning experience We have developed an approach for management planning, which uses the best of traditional management planning with new innovative practices.

Management effectiveness evaluation and audit: We can recommend or develop a methodology to suit your organisation’s needs, and conduct or support an evaluation at park or system level. Our team has experience at all stages from design and training to analysis and report-writing.

Welcoming visitors: Interpretation, design and displays:  We can help you develop engaging websites, displays, brochures, sign systems and interpretive programs. Our partners and associates  have produced hundreds of projects, and love the challenge of designing a package to excite and educate your park visitors.

Community engagement, facilitation, meetings and more: Conservation is all about people: park visitors, local communities and the public. We can help you design communication programs, work with communities and stakeholders, or organise and conduct effective meetings.

Training and capacity building: We are developing some new and exciting training packages for protected area managers to assist them with planning, monitoring and evaluation

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein
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